NEO DR Wireless System
NEO DR Wireless System

Introducing the World's First Cassette-
Sized Wireless Digital DR Detector that
Fits Your Existing Equipment. No Retrofit.
No Wires. No Hassle.

It Fits - Table or Wall Bucky
Slides into your existing table bucky and fits into your existing wall stand - without the need for any modifications.

It's Fast - DR Workflow on Your Equipment
Stop running to process cassettes and make your rooms DR fast. Using your existing equipment also means less training time required. No long downtimes.

It's Cost Effective - DR on a Budget
NEO DR will fit in your budget also. You only have to change your cassette, not your entire x-ray room. And you still benefit from the advantages of rapid DR workflow. No room replacement!

Making your move to DR could not be easier. The Genesis NEO DR Wireless System enables your existing rooms to leverage the power and productivity of DR in a lightweight (8.5lbs/3.9kg) cassette-sized detector, providing the flexibility of a cassette with the speed of DR. The NEO DR can be used anywhere in the exam room. Images are wirelessly transmitted to the console for immediate review. Our proven software for CR and DR manages your workflow and image processing to give you the outstanding productivity and image quality you expect.

Moving to DR sooner pays benefits to your patients today and tomorrow. Higher productivity enables your department to provide a better patient experience by reducing the time patients spend in the waiting room and the exam room. DR lets your technologists spend less time processing cassettes and more time helping patients.