DRYPRO 873 Laser Imager
DRYPRO 873 Laser Imager

Unparalleled Image Quality and
Fast Technology.

The DRYPRO 873 is the newest dry laser imager from Konica Minolta. The DRYPRO 873 incorporates faster, quieter throughput for use in mid to high volume, multi-modality use, including full filed digital mammography. The DRYPRO 873 laser imager is expected to be the top performer in imaging capacity and diagnostic image quality.

A compact Dry Laser Imager with 90 films per hour, four film sizes (choice of: 14x17, 11x14, 10x12, 8x10), 14-bit grayscale output, 50 seconds first print time, up to three film trays, maximum 16 DICOM connections. 125 sheet film capacity.

DRYPRO 832 Laser Imager
DRYPRO 832 Laser Imager

Small & Sophisticated with the World’s
Fastest First Print Time.

The DRYPRO 832 is the perfect dry film imager to complement your imaging department and your transition to digital. With superior image quality, versatility, performance, and a compact design, the DRYPRO 832 meets the demanding hardcopy requirements of today's evolving, efficiency-driven imaging departments.

The DRYPRO 832 is very user friendly. It is easy to use, warms up quickly, and is very quiet. Film loading and routine care are simply performed by user through easy access panels.

Five film sizes are available – 14x17, 14x14, 11x14, 10x12, and 8x10.

DRYRO 793 Laser Imager
DRYRO 793 Laser Imager

Unrivalled Clarity and Sharpness Utilizing
Konica Minolta’s Latest Precision Optics.

Embracing image-based diagnosis, Konica Minolta has once again met the critical demands of the medical imaging industry and presents its next generation dry imager, the DRYPRO 793.

Capable of printing 4 film sizes – 14x17, 11x14, 10x12, 8x10-inch as well as adaptability to ever more diverse modalities. This versatility satisfies the size needs of CR, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Mammography all in one imager.

Even with an optional six-tray sorter installed, the DRYPRO 793 boasts a footprint of a mere 0.43m2, making it one of the smallest full-size, multi-modality dry imagers available.