Image Encryption & Transmission Software.

Eliminate VPN Issues
OmniLinkô is a HIPPA-compliant software package which utilizes a proprietary technology to safely transmit DICOM images over the Internet without the necessity of VPN or encrypted tunnel connections.

Ideal for mobile applications, you can also use OmniLink to send images to your Radiologist for review, a central PACS or a secure offsite location for disaster recovery.

How It Works:
• OmniLink software receives a DICOM image file via DICOM push over a local area network.

• DICOM image is secured via OmniLink’s lossless compression & password encryption – to satisfy HIPAA requirements.

• OmniLink Send Module transmits the encrypted file via TCP/IP over the Internet (no VPN required).

• At the destination, OmniLink Receive Module (a free software download) accepts the encrypted file.

• OmniLink automatically starts a decryption process to produce the original, unaltered DICOM file.

• The DICOM image is now pushed by OmniLink to multiple PACS and Viewing Software locations over the local area network.

• If the connection is broken or lost, OmniLink will automatically reconnect and resume the file transfer.