OmniVue®Web: Internet DICOM
Viewing Application.

OmniVue®Web takes the best features of OmniVue and makes them available to any computer with an Internet connection. With a secure User Name and Password login, you are able to access patient images from OmniArchive PACS systems over the Web, using the same familiar tools you have come to trust from Genesis Digital Imaging.

Image Manipulation
OmniVue®Web provides all the advanced image manipulation tools you require to effectively review the image on your screen. The toolbar icons are identical to OmniVue Viewing software, and for consistency, the same as OmniVue "mini-viewer" software you have seen on patient CDs. Key features include Window/Level (Auto & All), Flip/Rotate, Zoom/Pan, Adjustable Magnifying Glass, Inversion, Multiple Image Display options, Image Annotations & more.

Searchable Database
OmniVue®Web's patient database is logically presented to help you find the information you need, quickly. Patient, study and series information is userdefined, and each category can be selected simply by clicking on the category name to prioritize. A key feature of OmniVue®Web is the ability to download multiple series of patient images to your computer with one mouse click. This is perfect for reviewing multiple patient images in areas of slow Internet connection speeds.

Use OmniVue®Web to view images in patient exam rooms, hospital surgery suites, home offices and any other location with either a local network connection or remote Internet access to the server.